Aija Alsina

Film score -
Doruk Zengin
(resonification, 2016)

Stuck is a personal tragedy, the story of a writer Frank and his dual personality, a man troubled by his doubting self, lack of confidence and depression. Throughout the film we experience his conflict with an alter ego which prevents him from fulfilling his dreams and being happy.

With my soundtrack I have tried to convey the emotion of one feeling the weight of existence. The main theme of the film - the one to be heard at the opening title - sets the mood for the whole film. Slow lyrical melody played on cello combined with processed harp strings forms the tune that repeats and develops in different variations later in the film, whereas the textural, soundscape-like cues are there to represent the character’s detachment from reality and the feeling of one being drawn in the depths of own mind. Moments of creative spurts - characterised by distinctive up-beat theme - support the forward development of events. Everything isn’t lost, there is a hope!

The character’s conversation with his girlfriend after he has finally finished his work, is a shift point - a melody that once started optimistically, now turns into heart-breaking theme in minor, as the viewer witnesses the alter ego taking over and ruining what could have ended happily. It builds up towards the dramatic end which is emphasised by the use of tense strings and trumpets, leaving the air resonating as the final chord underscores the bitter resolution of one’s inner conflict.