Aija Alsina

Sound design -
Matteo Giacchella
(resonification, 2015)

Someone is sneaking into an old abandoned building, a former hospital. You can feel a presence of humans; however, they have left, and instead new life forms are taking over – plants and moss growing, birds flying in and out. You find yourself in a room with a rusty machine, perhaps a crematorium furnace, that first opens and later closes its heavy circular metal door. The duality of life and death.

The soundtrack highlights the significance of the objects depicted as well as builds the atmosphere of one being present in the building. I have used minimal melody, focusing more on designing timbrally diverse sounds and voice effects that would complement rusty objects displayed.

The low double-bass and mellow organ sounds contribute to the mystery-like, eerie feeling, and although the sounds are used sparingly throughout the soundtrack to relate to the desolation depicted, there is a culmination towards the end when the gate of the crematorium furnace closes, the rhythmical soundscape builds up towards this moment, joining with aggressive timpani and explodes as the door smashes closed, thus underscoring the very end of everything. Once that door is closed, there is no way back.