Aija Alsina

Sound design and music -
University of Hertfordshire
(resonification, 2017)

Chirality is a short but intense animation presenting an otherworldly underground setting and monstrous characters. It has two distinct parts, a calm and mysterious which turns into a tense and powerful chase scene that ends dramatically. Just like the two sections, two distinct characters have been created, a light and fragile-looking one and a massive and loud one, and they get into conflict about the crystal which bears an importance to both of them.

My soundtrack combines both sound design and music, though the musical elements are less used in the first part of the animation, focusing more on creating a mysterious soundscape and atmosphere as the light character explores the cave. Him finding the crystal is a shifting point in the animation as this causes the other creature to appear and chase the first one with the intention to repossess the crystal. The diegetic sounds of heavy footsteps of the running beast, his roars and falling stones are in the main focus here. Additionally, I have tried to convey this battle and tension through fast-paced orchestra strings and a beat of timpani. Just as the beast is so much larger and heavier than the fragile character, the sonic field of the second part of the video is also louder and more intense than the first one, creating a powerful contrast.

Long high pitched string notes add to the dramatic ending as the fragile character barely holds at the edge of a cliff and even then all his attention is focused towards regaining the crystal that has slipped out of his hands. The music stops, the silence adds to the drama and we hear the crystal moving against the rock. The fragile character then falls into the abyss followed by a massive roar from the beast. Both of them lose the battle as the crystal too falls into the crater.